Custom ringmaker for taaffeite e-ring


Nov 14, 2015
Hi all,

I am looking to have a custom engagement ring made with either a taaffeite or alexandrite stone (the rarity is one of the things both my girlfriend and I find appealing). At this point, I'm leaning towards a very nice looking 3.66 cushion cut taaffeite from Multicolour.

I have been informed by Green Lake that they will not set a taaffeite for me as they do not have a source to replace it in the unlikely event of damage or loss during the ring creation process.

I'm looking for recommendations as to custom ring makers that would accomodate such a request, should I choose taaffeite over alex.



Nov 19, 2003
Most custom jewelers will not even consider setting a very rare or expensive stone like taaffeite if they will be held responsible for any damage during setting. This means that if you are comfortable with the arrangement and willing to sign off on that responsibility, then you could probably get any custom maker to set that stone. It honestly looks pretty simple since it doesn't have easy cleavage, nor is it particularly brittle. If I were setting it I would insist on either rounding or polishing small flats on the upper girdle/break facet junctions. This would reduce the stress from setting against a sharp edge and make long term durability of that edge much better.

Taaffeite is pretty rare and about as hard as garnet, so will definitely show some wear after a few years of daily wear. Probably best to set it so that it has some protection from the sides. Please show some pictures of this stone if you do obtain it.
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