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May 2, 2017
Hi all! I would really appreciate some opinions from outside of my own head. I received some advice from a custom jeweler in my area (Ohio) that I thought was a bit unusual or at least pressed my weird button. But I couldn't tell exactly how much off... so Pricescopers thoughts/ideas welcome.

I would like to use this particular jeweler because they are very convenient to where I live and (at least their website seems to claim) that they are proficient in crafting exactly the type of setting I would want BUT when I actually contacted them and was given some advice that didn't exactly ring true to what I think I know about jewelry...and I didn't know if this was a sign of untrustworthiness.(Been burned in the past with bad custom work--though not from this place.)

I wanted an .80ct diamond mounted in a simple but sturdy (sturdier than usual because I'm very clumsy) 4-prong basket solitaire pendant with a simple single fixed bail on a 16 inch 1.7mm-ish cable chain. White metal. Nickel free. Platinum preferred but not a deal breaker if not. Hand forged preferred unless the cast quality is well done.

So I sent images of the diamond and also detailed images of a simply-designed classic 4-prong basket with (only slightly) thicker prongs than are currently fashionable to the jeweler by email when the talks grew serious...but was told a few things that I found odd in their combination:

1) Our contact person said "even though they hand forge platinum baskets all the time", he wouldn't recommend it because "all the little soldered parts are not as stable as cast if we had durability concerns". I thought ok maybe that is currently true. BUT

2) He also said "not Plat for this - it would be much too heavy." But its a basket solitaire for a .80ct. How exactly would that be too heavy? I had a small but sturdy hand forged Plat ruth heart pendant made for my mother that weighs as much as a men's signet ring and I wouldn't call it "heavy".

3) He said "You can't mix differently alloyed pendants/chains in the same piece of jewelry. If Plat it would HAVE to be Plat chain and then that would most definitely be too heavy. You can't mix white gold chain and Plat pendant or vice versa. One part would eat into another part. It isn't done....etc." I know that is true with rings worn together but pendants/chains?

4) I thought Excellent, they can cast it in 18k palladium white whatever great...but when I asked him about porosity concerns -- he said, '' Our castings have no porosity whatsoever. We use a process to eliminate all air. If we detected any porosity, we would scrap it and do it again". He gave the impression that their casting was the same as extruded tubing and casting just...isn't. Maybe he was using hyperbole but I thought hyperbole doesn't have a place in technical discussion?

Maybe there is a communication problem because this was by phone or maybe this is totally fine because this is just this particular custom jewelry shop's 'way of things'.

I think that if it is a well done cast AND our stone is not nicked AND it is a high quality chain and this piece meets all needs and expectations -- then its fine.

I also am wondering if their contact person is misinformed or trying to steer us in a certain direction for some reason they aren't disclosing...then is this really a good idea?

This is so important to me because I can't wear rings due to a physical disability so this pendant IS my "diamond soli ring". Its not just another layering piece/trendy necklace for me.

Thanks for any thoughts, ideas, impressions. Mine are tired.

TIA, Gina


Nov 2, 2012
Maybe someone else will weigh in on the accuracy of the claims made but I think it's important to heed any red flags that someone might be difficult to work with.

Also, I personally don't think a jeweler being local is any big advantage. But if you're still considering this jeweler and haven't already, I'd be sure to check out their reviews from other customers. Good luck with it!


Jun 14, 2018
I have no idea if any of those thoughts you question are technically accurate or not, but my gut cries BS. My only add is if this is your equivalent to your diamond solitaire ring, wishing it to be in platinum on a solid enough chain is NOT too much to ask. Don't settle.

I have been considering setting my diamond pendant in platinum, hoping that it would be heavy enough to feel if it were to slip off. If/when I do it I will have jewelryhoo on ebay make it. I have used them several times, they make gorgeous pieces, and for a simple pendant you will be surprised how affordable. (They are making me a 8 gram platinum ring now for my 5 ct stone and it is less than 1k.) I then will pay my local jeweler to set it for 60 bucks. I would tell this guy to kick rocks, lol.


Jul 31, 2014
I think the jeweler might be misinformed about a few things. A platinum chain (as long as it's not super thick) won't feel "heavy", and a setting for a .8 stone definitely won't be too heavy in platinum. I *think* the jeweler is correct about a platinum setting on a non platinum chain being potentially problematic, but I could be wrong about that. I think with rings it's definitely true, but I am honestly not sure about pendants.

Overall I would steer clear of this jeweler because he or she sounds either confused or just plain wrong.
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