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Could use help on engagement ring


Nov 15, 2016
I've spent the last two weeks reading up on the 4 C's, inclusions, polish, symmetry, fluorescence, girdle width, pavilion/table angles, H&A's, and the varying degrees of accuracy in certifying organizations. It feels like my mind is officially at full capacity. That being said I feel like I have come across a stone that might check most of the boxes. I would greatly appreciate any help from the community on some of the strengths and weaknesses of the diamond. I have attached the GIA cert.
I understand that I need to see the diamond in person before I make the decision on whether to make the purchase, but figured I would get some advice before having the diamond sent to a local jeweler for the in person consultation.
The depth and comments are my biggest concerns at this point...
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Here is the url for the GIA cert as well

Carat- 1.20
Color- I
Clarity- VVS2
Cut- Ex
Polish- Ex
Sym- Ex
Fluores- None
Measurements: 6.89x6.94x4.16
Comments: Additional clouds are not shown, additional pinpoints are not shown

Table- 58%
Depth- 60.2%
Crown Angle- 33.5
Pavilion Angle- 41
Girdle- Thin-Med (3.0%)
Star facet- 50%
Lower girdle half- 80%

The stone will be set in a platinum solitaire setting
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