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Comments on this ring PLEEEEASE

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Mar 7, 2003
Can I get some comments on the below ring.

GIA Certified
Shape: Sqauare Modifies Brilliant (Is this princess cut??)
Meas: 5.84 x 5.76 x 4.13mm
Weight: 1.20 Carat
Dept: 71.7%
Table: 80%
Girdle Extrmly Thin to very thick
Culet: none
Polish: Good
Symmetry: Good
Clarity: VS2
Color: F
Fluorescence: None (is that good, What does it mean?)
Comments: Additional Clouds are not shown (what does that mean?)

It is in a channel setting Total Carat w/ diamond = 1.57.
Price = Approx 6,300

Can you tell me your comments on this PLEASE
Thanks ALOT


Jan 23, 2003
Well, the table is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too large... You might want to look for 58 to about 68% tables... The girdle thickness worries me a bit too.... It's too wavy and the risk of chipping could be high with ext thin...

Rank Amateur

Feb 26, 2003
Fluorescence is the "glow" given off by diamonds and other minerals under certain types of UV light (such as the "black light" in the glow-in-the-dark section of a novelty store). Fluor is a curiosity more than anything. Only in EXTREMELY rare cases would it affect the way a stone looks in normal lighting conditions.

Some say that a little blue fluor can mask the yellow or brown tint in a less-than-colorless diamond.

Go to for some guidelines regarding preferred proportions of fancy shapes. I believe this is a princess cut.

Good luck!


Jan 29, 2003
The table is too spread and thus the diamond is likely to lack a decent crown height and will probably just "sit there" lacking in personality... Fluorescence was explained by somebody else... None is a good place to be if you don't want your diamond to go day-glo neon blue (yellow, white, orange, red, etc) when you pass under black lighting - often found in restaurants, aquarium shops, etc... Personally, we like a little blue fluorescence in our stones - even our D color puppies because we like the effect that it can have, but it is a personal preference... The comment "clouds not shown" indicates that there are small groups of very small diamond crystals called "pinpoints" located within the diamond but that the grader felt that they were elusive enough not to be readily visible under normal powers of magnification and thus plotting them on the diamond grading report would make the diamond appear more included than it would actually appear under magnification to the average person... "Pinpoints not shown" is another common "comment" found on diamond grading reports, the prescence of a few very, very small diamond crystals is nothing to worry about...

Inclusions to be avoided would be "twinning wisps" because they look like cotton candy spiraling through a stone; knots - just 'cuz their ugly; major "feathers" (minute fractures) that run parallel to the edge or break the edge of the stone; and cavities - because they're no better in your diamond than they are in your head


Mar 5, 2003
I think you may want to find out how much of the girdle is extremely thin. If it is just one tiny spot it may not be a huge concern, however if it is wavy or is across a larger area of the girdle, then I think it could affect the integrity of the stone.

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