Comments on Big Table Stones?

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The Gipper

Dec 13, 2002
Ive seen several diamonds listed at good quality websites that have Table 62-64 and
Depth 58. This must be part (or all) that attributes them to being a cut 4-5.

However, several in this range have the following HCI:

1.6 E,E,E,VG
2.0 VG,VG,G,E

They are priced accordingly due to the cut, color (H) and clarity (VS2-SI1).

Obviously they are not E,E,E,E, but with the HCI scores they are still in the excellent range. The HCI text does say it works best for ideal cuts. Is the HCI more inaccurate with cuts in the 4-5 range?

thanks in advance


Sep 3, 2000
Big table stonews can be quite brilliant and decent to look at. They do not look quite the same as smaller table diamonds, but it might come down to a matter of personal taste for some people. I'd say most people, given the right shopping and good vision, will learn why a smaller table generally gives a better result, but these larger table diamonds surely will find someone to buy them and enjoy them, too.

Informed shoppers tend to buy a different product than impulse buyers. It makes sense that this is so.


Dec 31, 1999
Shallow stones with a larger table have less light leakage and better spread. That's why they are getting good HCA score.

They might be a bit darker though. Another thing is to check whether a diamond is't a fish-eye. HCA should warn you for that.

Check Mara’ story:



Oct 30, 2002
Helllllooo yes I have a 62% table's very pretty. The depth is 57% and the score on the HCA was I think a 1.5 BIC (ex, ex, vg, ex). AGS rates it a 7..a far cry from a 0. But we loved it and due to the spread (larger table), the diamond looks larger than the 1.23c it is..the diameter is closer to a 1.35c diamond. The crown is a little shallow, but we knew that going into it. So you could find a gem (:)) with these higher tabled diamonds, but you'd probably want to see them before purchasing. We would not have purchased our stone on specs alone due to the numbers, but when we saw it, it spoke to both of us. If it is an online purchase, it might be harder to gauge if you will like the look of the larger table. It can be a bit visible at certain angles. Do read my posts that Leo posted, they might be more helpful, esp when you see the mockups of the stone in DiamCalc.

Good luck! :)
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