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Apr 30, 2019
That pendant is beautiful! Have you found it? I want to propose to my girlfriend, and I want everything to be perfect. The ring she wants is some kind of tiara ring, and that is not what I like. There are much more beautiful rings to be found, classic engagement rings look much nicer in my opinion. My dilemma is the following, should I buy her the ring she wants, or get the one I would like more on her. I am sure that after some time she will like the ring I want to for her. I really want everything to go well, and the ring is a big part of it.

You should make your own thread about this
But i have to warn you i would think most of the ladies around here are going to be pretty adamant that you should get her her choice
But i think you raise an interesting delema
I mean an engagement is a partnership between 2 people
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