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Champagne Diamond color scale

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Feb 6, 2003
I have a .76 Champagne diamond and i would likd to know on the color scale of C1 to C7 for this type of stone, which is the best? The C1 or the C7. I was told that mine is a C2 is this good or bad? Please help me I have been trying forever to find the answer to this question.
The diamond is also a VS-1 if that makes a differance. I need to sell this and would like to get a fair price.

Thank you for your help.

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
The champagne diamond color scale, also known as the Argyle Scale because the Australian Argyle Mine produces so many champagnes and originated the scale, progresses from lighter (C1) tones to darker tones (up to C7).

The tones are comparable to the following GIA grading:

C1 ("light champagne"): GIA N,O,P,Q color
C2 ("light champagne"): GIA R,S,T,U,V color
C3 ("medium champagne"): GIA W,X color
C4 ("medium champagne"): GIA Y,Z color
C5 ("dark champagne"): GIA fancy brown
C6 ("dark champagne"): GIA fancy brown to fancy dark brown
C7 ("fancy cognac"): GIA fancy dark brown

The prettiest and most valuable colors usually seem to fall in the C6 range, sometimes the C7 range. The C7 range can often be too saturated a brown, with a resultant drop in per carat price.

If a brown stone is accented with a pleasing secondary hue, such as orange, the price increases.


Feb 6, 2003
Thank you that helped alot.
Now for another question, The Champagne I have on the Appraisel says it is "Brilliant cut of a medium light yellowish-brown color, good clarity (VS-1) and a weight of .76." First of all does that make it fall into the C2 or C3 range, aproximatly I will not hold you to it
And second is this a good color for a champagne stone as far as reselling?

If you wish to see the ring I am talking about I have it listed on Ebay the item number is #2613157649.

I am needing to sell my ring in order to pay for my husbands funeral and need to get as much as I can for it due to him not having insurance.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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