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Cecile Raley Opal Pendant Project


Mar 27, 2015
Some times I freak out when I see close up pictures of jewelry. The space between melee seems so noticeable and there appears to be too much metal overall. I urge you to see it in hand first. I was fortunate to attend local show where Yvonne was exhibiting some years ago. I had purchased gems from her on Etsy but the jewelry pieces ( as seen in close ups on Etsy) didn’t appeal to me. But once I saw some in person I learned to read her pictures better and I own quite a few pieces


Aug 25, 2015
Thank you everyone for giving me your input and assurances! It makes me feel much better. The one thing that I had concerns about was the Paraiba stone on the bottom being slightly different as far as color between the others. Once I noticed it, I couldn't stop seeing it. I have the pantone color calibration for my computer so I can trust it most of the time. However, the more I thought about it I did come to terms with accepting it as it is. That stone is small so unless it is magnified it likely wouldn't be glaringly obvious especially as a necklace. It is a lot of metal but I'm probably one of the weird people that doesn't have an issue with that.

I did let Yvonne know about my reservations and was fully prepared to accept it the way it is. I realize that a lot of work went into creating it and finding multiple matched color melee is challenging. It isn't a deal breaker if some tiny thing isn't perfect under magnification and there are bigger problems in the world. Plus, I'm getting over being sick and sometimes simple things seem worse when I'm not feeling well. Realistically, I need to see in person before I decide one way or another my final thoughts on it. Yvonne re-inspected it and noticed what I had pointed out as well. She graciously agreed to switch it out with one closer in color so I am feeling much better about it overall. I wasn't really expecting her to change anything on it so I am pleasantly surprised. =)2


Feb 21, 2010
It’s lovely - I bet you’ll swoon when you have it in person. :love:
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