Can''t/won''t put the center stone in the wax?

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wobbly hedgehog

Nov 10, 2006
Ok, it's getting closer to finishing time, and I'm getting nervous.

I'm hoping you all can advise me on something here. I've chosen my center stone from (it's a 1.03 F SI1 cushion - got photos of it and it looks great), and have been working with them to design a setting (a halo, but with some tweaks).

We've got the CAD images worked out, but it's still looks a little "clunky". The person I'm working with at ERD assures me that's how CAD images looks, and reaffirmed that the final result will mantain delicacy of the design.

Now it's time to create a wax...or rather, not a wax but a "resin". I asked to be able to see the cushion in the resin model, so I could get a sense of the whole ring, and was told that the resin is too delicate and they cannot show me the cushion in it.

What? Is this normal? Why a resin and not a wax?

I'm concerned that I won't really know what the ring looks like before it arrives via mail, and by then the setting will be non-refundable and non-returnable. I've only seen the cushion in photos, and I really want to be able to tell how the size of the setting relates to the center stone.

Should I just make this "leap of faith" as they suggest, or am I being taken advantage of?



Nov 18, 2004
CAD images are always more bulky than the final product. That''s for sure. Maybe ask them to sit your cushion on top of the resin for a couple of pics?? That seems reasonable to me. I''m not a leap of faith kind of gal. I''d want to see something to put my mind at ease. Call tomorrow and ask for Mark Turnowski. Good luck, can''t wait to see it!!!


Mar 15, 2004
I''m useless except to add that a few weeks ago when I was at ERD, I was shown a nice cushion in the most delicate halo I''ve ever seen all the while, maintaining the sparkle and look of actual diamonds in there and not just metal. I was most impressed. I''m sure it will all work out...
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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