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Can this oval halo sit lower / have no gap?


Dec 22, 2015
I finally, after a year of searching and without going the custom route, bought a semi mount oval halo at a great price and very well made. I sent it to a different jeweller (out of town) to set it and gave instructions to set as low as possible but I wasn't there in person.

Got it back and while I love my halo, I want it to sit lower.I'm almost willing to overlook it simply because I finally got my halo, but on the other hand it's still not my dream ring. It seems really high set to me and there is a slight gap all around that I am not a fan of. It looks like there's room in the mounting to lower the stone - the center diamond doesn't extend at all below - and sits almost perfectly flush with wedding band, looks like it will be flush regardless of how low set it will be.

Is it possible to have it set lower by somehow repositioning prongs or something, before I go into a jeweler to ask, or is that dependent on the way the setting itself is constructed and therefore impossible without either reworking the whole thing to lower the basket etc or designing custom?






Dec 17, 2008
So you want the stone to sit lower in the halo right? I suggest you take it to a local (well known, experienced) jeweler and ask
them if it can be moved lower. I cant really tell either way from the pictures.


Jul 21, 2016
It looks like the stone is set up very high and could possibly be lowered if the setting allows. If you're talking about the stone, the best low profile look would to have the girdle sit just above the halo so there isn't an airline when you're looking down or to the side of it. I would take it a respected local jeweler or ship to a trusted well known one to fix the issue. Good luck :)
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