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Can one jewler do a better job than another at rhoduim-plating?

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Sep 18, 2006
I am planning a "recycling project" by having my promise ring rhoduim-plated. Are all rhodium-plating processes/materials the same? Would one type of process keep the ring whiter longer? Should I shop around for jewelers? Are there any questions I shoud ask a jeweler? I only plan to wear the ring occassionally as a RHR.

I''d love to hear from the experts. Thanks!


Sep 3, 2000
Every jeweler will claim their rhodium plating job is equal to any other. Once the ring is fully plated, it is as bright as chrome plating and any differences are invisible.

One can plate thicker or thinner. Rhodium costs a fortune today and there is a tendency not to waste material once a coating is completed. Thinner outlasts thinner although it is not truly a long lasting situation if worn all the time anyway.

Clean rhodium plates brights and more even than dirty plating solution. Dirt on items that is not cleaned off first contaminates rhodium solutions and makes plating less efficient, leass attractive, thinner and spotty sometimes. Platers know how to keep their rhodium clean and how to maintain it. Amateur platers waste material and do a lesser job in general, but you probably won''t be able to tell unless the job is really a poor one.

Make sure your ring is spotlessly clean before leaving it for plating. Try to pick a recommended source for getting the work done. Keep your fingers crossed if you think you need luck!


Nov 29, 2006
Well the materials and process is the same,just depends if the mixture is good and clean,the temperature of the mix,the ampage of electricity and the time spent in the mixture (about 30 seconds is best i think) are all just right.
Some jeweller that does alot of plating will have a bit more practice and maybe has his system running better than someone who only does one job in a blue moon.
Other than that i don`t think there is much difference.
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