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Calling Step Cut EC Experts - request for advice & guidance


Jun 19, 2006
Calling all step cut experts – need your sage advice!
I have been searching for an upgrade, 2.5-3ct, EC diamond for over half a year now.
The good news is that I have seen a lot of stones in person so I’ve been able to refine my “want” criteria pretty specifically.
The bad news is that finding a stone with all my criteria is proving to be very elusive. I did see the perfect stone, but as it was at HW it wasn’t really an option :(

However, I have just come across a vintage ring with an EC that is so close…very high color, great clarity, flashes prismatic colors and is the right size & chunky shape (could be the twin of the HW ring).

The “but” is, it exhibits windowing/goes see-through, primarily noticeable on one shorter side, bottom (P3?) facet.

I''ve gotten to the point where I would rather go without the upgrade than make significant compromises on color/clarity/shape/size. I realize that cut is king, so I am questioning my decision making process.

My thinking is that if I can get the stone substantially below on-line pricing, and potentially below budget, then a recut might make sense (if the windowing really bothers me over time). It has a depth of 67.5%, so the windowing isn’t from being too shallow.

Am I approaching this the wrong way?
Many thanks in advance for your advice/guidance.


Jan 7, 2009
Re: Calling Step Cut EC Experts - request for advice & guida

About the window and windowing aspect- definitely tolerance for windows and overall experience of looking at the diamond's performance is personal there's no one can answer that part for you. I can tell you that buying with the intent of a recut is very risky.
You would need to consult with a cutter to find out if what you have in mind is even possible – and there is a good chance that improving the window situation, while maintaining the shape and size may not prove to be economical, or even possible.

Sorry to be a wet blanket realist


Apr 7, 2017
My advice (I'm no "expert"), as a true EC lover & Step Cut queen: don't stop looking, and never get discouraged. You'll know when you find the "one", without having to compromise.
I have been in love with step cut diamonds since I was in my twenties (I'm 42, now). I searched for close to 20 years for the "right Emerald Cut Diamond" for ME. My DH knew that the only way he was getting a "yes" outta me was with an EC. We didn't just find any old EC...we found THE EC.
Take your time, and continue your search. She's out there; you'll find her. RockDiamond is right: a recut is risky, and may not even be possible. Stay the course. Stay positive.
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