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Bluff Diamond

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Mar 31, 2003
I am considering upgrading my wife''s diamond. I have a distant friend in the business with the following diamond. Any thoughts?
He called it a Bluff Diamond. I am no judge of diamonds so any help would be very much appreciated

Here is what I know so far:
clarity is I 2 more or less
color J

Price is around $2500.00


Jan 23, 2003
Well, I 2 isn't definitely the best clarity... Inclusions will be very noticeable to the naked eye... Can you live with that??

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
"Bluff" is trade lingo for "a lot of flash for not much cash". A diamond trying to bluff it's way into the pretty diamond category. A stone that might pass the first glance test, but not the second.

I'd pass on the I2. It's going to look pretty bad clarity wise. Often the cut is lousy on those stones as well.

Unless they're strictly size oriented, women are often disappointed about receiving very imperfect diamonds. Subliminally, they think "He doesn't think I'm worth a better diamond than this?!"

Even a high quality 3/4 ct diamond is usually better received by a woman than a (very) low quality 2 carat. You tell her "I wanted you to have the best, so I bought the finest diamond I could afford..."


Dec 9, 2002
I was actually pleased with the diamond I bought myself. Color J-K Clarity I1, size 2.56.

Until I found out more about it. It CRAP

My husband then bought me a 3.05 E, IF

Then with the two side by side, WOWSER

Although I know it's real, I often wonder if people are thinking, man does she ever have a pretty CZ.
I actually like the stones with more color, but man, I am NOT going to tell my hubby that

I'd post pics, but yes, I am a slow learner as to figure out how to post them here. (Can't get them minimized small enough to upload


Aug 25, 2000
I think the diamond is also bluffing on the color.

Put it on some paper if it is loose. I willing to bet without seeing this diamond that its
a top light "Brown"

Ive seen a lot of these. At first glance it looks ok. But the more its on her hand the
more you start picking up the brown. I2 :razz: I have heard over and over again
about people saying "Did you see the big flaw in that diamond?" "Yes, its big but its
not very good!"

In this case size does not matter. The bigger and badder the stone the more you can
see and so can everybody else.

I guess people don't hear what is said behind their backs.

Just like the teenager in the mall with her new baby (she was 16) All of her friends
were oooooing over the baby and made the girl feel special. Then as they walked
away they were saying "That is stupid" "She is going to have a hard life and miss out
on a lot" Im glad Im not her!


Aug 25, 2000
The last part of that post had nothing to do with the first part. Part of the post just brought that to my mind and I didnt stop typing


Mar 26, 2003
Well, in respect to the last part of the post- that 16 year old girl will not have to live with the guilt of ever ending the life of her child. Although others may sneer, I applaud that 16 year old!!! God bless her for saving a life.
And I know many others would agree with me!!!!

(Had to give my 2 cents)

Now, I can't compare an infants life to a shiny rock- sorry!!!

Have a good day guys!


Mar 27, 2003
Don't bother!

I can say this from experience. I got a 1.03 carat J I2 (I3??) diamond with blue flouresecne of e-bay. Actually the flourecense made it look better but the cut is so shitty it isn't worth anything--it was a waste of $600. I am going to get the thing clarity enhanced and use it for a necklace.

I went to a jewelry store and saw an (EGL) SI2 G .75 ct. and it looked about 500% better. It was like what I got was nothing--even though it was smaller. And I hear EGL isn't the best cert by far--so then what did I have!!!!!

What you will be getting is called a swindlers cut from my experience. It will be deep, the facets will not reflect shit. My 1 ct is 6.05 wide and 4.x deep--about the width (spread) size of a good .75-.8. Find out the spread and I bet it's around 6.6-.8mm or so which is really a 1.1-1.25 or so as far as it looks. So as far as appearance it won't look like a real 2 ct anyway (most likely).

If you want to save money and you are in the $2500 range--I'd get a hold of the HCA, look for passable EGL SI1's in the I range (or AGS/GIA SI2 - J) and --with faint or med flourencnese. Or you can see if you can find a nice I1 (GIA!) very well cut.

Go to Garry's site and you will find that actually some EGL "premiums" score pretty well. Read all the Holloway stuff and look for a BIC --looks bigger, shines a lot.

I found a EGL SI1 F color .94 carat for $2700--the spread on that thing is huge (6.46-6.53) it'll look bigger than many 1 cts. I'd say look for rock's like that or increase your spending a little--and get a good smaller diamond. Spread means more than weight in my opinion.

I am no expert but I walked your path though and I wouldn't make that choice if I were you. I thought I got a deal but it ended up not being worth anything really. $2500 is a lot to spend on a mistake.

Read the tutorials and listen to the experts--they know there stuff and seem to be realists--they don't BS and they tell you the real stuff!

One good thing is you have come to the right place.



Feb 28, 2003
Could somebody tell me if, the intensity of colour being equal, it is better or worse or indifferent to have a yellowish or a brownish hue on such a diamond ?
Thank you !


Mar 20, 2003
If I were interested in size instead of quality, but still wanted it to be reasonably white, eye-clean, and sparkly, I would get something like this:

Well, I personally think that yellow would be a more desirable undertone than brown, but if the color is such that a person can tell that it isn't white, it's not really desirable either way. I have a stone graded at J-K, and while I can see the hue now that I know it's there, I couldn't tell it was slightly tinted before I had it appraised. Other people report that they can easily tell see the color in diamonds.

However, I received a pair of "H-I" diamond earrings from ebay that were yellow like pee (pardon my french). The hue was totally obvious. A jeweler eye-balled their color at N-O. I returned them obviously.


Jan 22, 2003
Yellow or brown? Neither. I think of brown as just a darker yellow anyway, unless it's dark enough to be considered fancy. Otherwise it just looks "off" and I doubt most ppl would be able to tell if such a light shade is on the yellow or brown side.

If your J colored is really cut well it would face up relatively white, but if it's really as unattractive as we think it might be you'd be better off to pass. A 2 carat diamond is too big to hide that sort of color.
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