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Bigger than we thought. Change the "replacement value?"


Apr 10, 2010
Our inherited stone is currently at a jeweler getting reset. When they took it out of the old setting they found it was .81 instead of the estimated .75ct. It's just a hair over 6mm across, but I guess the transitional cut it is deeper than a modern, or it's just a deep stone. It's much brighter than I would have guessed a deep stone to be--and there's no obvious leakage under the table. Hopefully bezel setting it wasn't a bad idea. In any case, the jeweler who is setting it gave a replacement value of $2500 should they break/lose it. I can't imagine how we could replace a .81ct f/g color vs1 (the stats according to 2 jewelers) for that price. Should I ask them to raise the appraisal, or is that standard for an antique stone?
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