Better Clarity or Bigger Size?

Bigger Stone or Better Clarity?

  • 1.5 ct SI2 for more money

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • 2.0 ct I1 for less money

    Votes: 1 100.0%

  • Total voters
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May 24, 2005
I think your 2 ct will look wonderful in that. The inclusions don''t show easily anyway, and in that setting truly no one will be looking for them. They will be admiring your ring! Can''t wait to see final pics.


Jul 22, 2002
I voted the 2c. It''s a lovely size for your fingers. My caveat - are there any durability issues as sometimes I1''s can have them?


Jan 1, 2007
"Originally I barely dared to dream that Nate would buy me a 1.5 ct. For a couple of years I was just hoping/praying for a solid carat to call my own. Somewhere around year 3 I''d guess, I started imagining a 1.25 ct adorning my left hand. Year 4, I was sure Nate could get me a 1.5 ct if he really wanted to. I never in my wildest dreams expected a 2.0 ct; until we found this one. This one little stone changed everything. If I had never seen it, I would have joyously nudged Nate in the direction of that 1.5 ct I fancy, but now, now it feels like there is no going back. I''ve seen what 8mm + looks like on my hand and I REALLY like it hehe

The more I wear it, the more I feel like you''d have to pry it out of my cold dead perhaps it''s growing on me a bit, flaws and all :D"

Hahahaha...Heidi, I feel like you and I are cut from the same cloth! When I was first thinking about getting engaged to my boyfriend, around THREE years ago (it''s about to be our 4 year anniversary), I was like...hmmm...I''m not that into jewelry, but I guess I''d like a one carat. And then I was like well...I think I''d like a bit bigger than that. So I somehow morphed into a "I want a 2 carat and I want a really elaborate and expensive setting!" monster! Unfortunately I found Pricescope, so the higher quality 2 caraters were a bit out of the price range (for now
). So I went with a 1.5 carat radiant (that I haven''t even been proposed to with yet!), but your 2 carat round is really killing me!

And I love love love that setting! It''s going to look perfect with the diamond and I can tell it will look great on! I can''t wait to see the final ring, whichever diamond you go with! (Although I might shed a tear if you give that 2 carat back!


Oct 5, 2006
I''d say go for the 2carat, if the inclusions are really not obvious and do not bother you.

I wouldn''t worry so much about what the bf said though. My DH originally bought me a 1 carat e-ring and we both thought that was it. Five years down the line, with a little "gentle persuasion", he bought me another 1 carat, same colour, same clarity. On my 40th birthday, he bought me a 2 carat uncertified after having been bugged about it for years. Then, on our 10th wedding anniversary and also as a late 40 (not so late!
) 40th present, I somehow "managed" to persuade him to buy me a 3carat GIA stone.
. This is all from the man who said that 1 carat was enough and I didn''t need anything else, and there was "no way he was going to change his mind"!! LOL.


Jan 10, 2005
fire&ice... There are no durability issues that I know of, but if it's possible to break this stone, I'm sure I'll find a way (can we say clumsy? heeh) And yes, we will be buying lots and lots of insurance on this stone ;-) hehe At this point it seems the inclusions are a visual detriment, not a physical one.

thing2of2...Let this post be a lesson to all of those guys dragging their feet when faced when an engagement: The longer you wait, the more we girls will expect ;-)

lienTN...Oh I hope I can be as fortunate as you with future upgrades although Nate and I are both pretty sentimental so it could be close to impossible to part with this diamond in the future, even for something bigger and better. I have been fairly persuasive over the past few years, the most obvious example being on the subject of cats. One of the funniest lines from the new show "Rules of Engagement" went as thus: She wanted a cat. I didn't want a cat. So we compromised, and got a cat. In Nate's case, he didn't want any cats and now we have 5 eheh so I guess I can be incredibly influential when the need arises. We'll see what the future holds ;-) ehhe

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