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Beginning to go craaazy...

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Dec 27, 2006
Well after about 3 weeks of snooping around on this forum, I figured it''s about time to suck it up and ask for some advice. I''m having an enormous difficulty finding a diamond that I like, within my price range, and practicality. I think I''ve probably seen over 3,000 different rings, settings, diamonds and bands, and I''m just sick! My soon-to-be fiance has ordered an engagement online for me to look at, (and return if I''m unsure), so he gave me the diamond specs so I''d have something to mull incessantly over until it arrives on Friday.

Here''s the GIA report:

Shape and cut Princess Cut

Measurements 5.84 x 5.80 x 4.48 mm
Weight 1.25 Carat
Depth 77.2%
Table 74%
Girdle Medium to slightly thick
Culet None
Polish Very Good
Symmetry Good
Clarity Grade VVS2
Color Grade I
Fluorescence None
Comments Clouds are not shown


It''s a platinum setting, with two trillion/trillian side-stones of .62 tcw. According to the dealer, the sidestones (although not GIA) match the VVS2 clarity, and (from her mouth) "More of an H color than I"

The total carat weight is 1.89.

Obviously, I can''t speak for the beauty of the diamond since I haven''t seen it yet... but I would like some comments/suggestions/critcisms according to the GIA report. My main concern is that the dealer didn''t include the cut grade in the report she gave us. On her website, she claims the center stone to be a Premium cut. Her return policy is great, so we''re not sweating it.. but from what I''ve looked at, having a depth of more than 75% knocks the stone off the "Premium'' scale.

On a side note, I tend to favor rounds, princesses, and goodoldgold has a really pretty square hearts and arrows diamond that I like as well. I keep reading about how princesses tend to chip, and it''s scaring me. I''m pretty rough on my hands.. I''m an artist who works with paint and clay and I''m thinking maybe I should buy a round to be safer... I fell in love with antique settings and antique cuts, but for practicality I decided I could get a better diamond now, and upgrade to a more unique setting later...

I don''t know anymore-- On one hand I''m glad I researched this further, but on the other hand I''m second guessing everything I look at-- Please help!

Thanks guys,



Apr 30, 2005
Cut is the most important C.
More than clarity or color it determines how much your diamond is going to sparkle and be brilliant.

GIA does not give cut grades to princess cut.
AGS does.

AGS already did a ton work for you.
Save yourself some time.
Just buy a princess with AGS 0 cut grade.

If you don't want to do this be prepared to spend a lot of time learning a lot of stuff, and doing a lot of searching.
Even then, I think the best-cut princess stones are being sent to AGS because that AGS 0 cut grade is highly coveted.


Jun 1, 2003
The 77% depth means this 1.25 diamond is going to be smaller than mine which is a 1.13. Just something else to think about. sorry to add to your headache.
I would take Kenny''s advice and look at the vendors who sell AGS O cut grade princesses (like Whiteflash). ie if you still think you want a princess cut...


Jul 11, 2005
Yeah, just wanted to agree that the center stone will look small because it is so deep. I would also look at AGS 0 princesses. Concentrate on cut first and foremost.

If you truly love princesses I would still get one and just make sure you have it insured and it is placed in a setting with tips to protect the diamond's corners. However, if you would still be happy with a round or square H &A than you may want to consider getting one if you are indeed rough on your hands. Have you seen WF's X Factor, a princess with clipped corners?


Jan 11, 2006
I would not pay for a stone that faces up smaller than it should. I''d only look at AGS0 princess stones at this time. But I personally would prefer a square stone with clipped corners over a princess, and GOG has some of those as well. But I do think a round will be more timeless.


Nov 12, 2004
Agree with the others...I would send that stone back, and stick with the AGS 0''S if you really want a princess....but those square''s with the clipped corners look absolutely beautiful....that would be my preference
.....but you have to pick what you like!


Oct 24, 2006
I think that Dani has said it better that I could not, much more to elaborate then the choice is yours?
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