Beginners questions Re: at home rhodium plating


Apr 8, 2016
Hi Pricescope,

Basically I'm a jewellery reseller needing to rhodium plate a few rings per week, and have come to the realisation that Jewellers in the UK charge rather a lot for a relatively small amount of work. I already do my own polishing at home so plating seems like an obvious next step to boost my profit margin.

I see that equipment ranges drastically in Price, from £150 all the way up to thousands. My needs are relatively meagre; I simply need to plate a few rings and then put the equipment away for a week or so, when I'll do it again. So being able to plate multiple rings simultaneously is not something I need to pay for. I don't really know what the difference between the equipments are besides volume and build quality... as long as I have a pretty shiny, white looking ring, that will stay that way for a month or so, I'm happy.

I also need the ability to partially plate bi-colour rings. I've seen plating pens but this would obviously cost more money, and I have my doubts that it's the most effective method. Again, opinions please!

With this in mind I'm hoping to get some advice on the best kit for my needs. I'd rather not spend £600 on equipment from somebody like heimerle-meule, if I could get the same exact results with something much cheaper. But at the same time I will be doing this fairly regularly for the foreseeable future, so convenience and ease of use is a factor.

I'm also curious if there is any problem with buying the cheapest rhodium solution possible. As I've said, these rings don't have to look like the crown jewells... but they have to photograph well and stay nice for a month or so.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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