ASPIRI cut and Cisscut l'Amour cut-anyone seen these?


Aug 22, 2012
Never heard of the ASPIRI cut diamond until I saw it advertised in a high end catalogue. Did some research and the ASPIRI site boasts a 25-50% larger than a similiar stone of equal weight. Plus it says it is a 'cushion brilliant' but the stones look more elongated-ovalish-radiant look. Then they state that the cut is best when placed in a halo setting. ;-) Never heard of this cut and based on the pics I am not a fan. Also in the catalogue there is the Crisscut L'Amour cut. It says it is new and has 50 facets with two straight sides with curved tops and bottoms. It boasts a '50-60% larger look than an emerald cut. The 5 stone eternity band looked pretty as the ends were curved but the halos were way too much. I am not a fan of the Crisscut diamonds (too busy). Suffice to say, both of these cuts state that they look bigger-significantly bigger- but I wounder how they perform. I thought that diamonds cut to look big do not have the ideal cuts for maximum pizazz. I am such a traditionalist that all of these newer cuts (except for the Octavia) do not tempt me.


Sep 18, 2015
I've wondered about these Aspiri cut diamonds too ever since I saw them on Quest's Facebook feed. They must just be really shallow? Which would probably explain the halo recommendation, right? You'd need it to get some sparkle?


Jan 4, 2015
I think for a diamond to face up larger than it normally would the diamond must be very shallow - would that give rise to higher rate of damage happening after time wearing it - such as tap it against a counter and it easily chips or cracks etc - does anyone have any experience in this happening.


Apr 30, 2005
The reason I don't like shallow diamonds is they window.
In a well-cut diamond the light reflects off the bottom and back into the diamond and eventually back out the top to your eyes.
That's how diamond can put on its light show.

But if the diamond is too shallow that light just passes through the bottom and lights up your finger.
So much for the light show! :knockout: :blackeye:

These aren't diamonds but it's a good pic for demonstrating windowing.

IMO shallow cuts, such as Daussi, are sneaky marketing for people who only care about size, instead of light performance ... or are just ignorant that what they are buying will never perform like a better-cut diamond.
IMO sellers should educate customers, then if they still want them for the finger coverage, so be it.
Better yet, don't even sell such cuts and just saw that shallow rough in half and get two better-cut diamonds.

People vary, and to each their own ... but I'm so in love with good light performance that these cuts just make me sigh. :(sad
A diamond that can't do it's job with light is like a Ferrari without tires ... a sad waste of potential and money breeding cobwebs in the driveway.

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