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Appraisers & Gemologists

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Jan 20, 2003
What qualificatiions necessary to become an appraiser?

What is the difference between and appraiser and a gemologist?

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
Heh heh, no seriously, let's try that again.

Most insurance companies are now requiring that appraiser's have a gemologist degree. The two most well known schools are the GIA in New York and Califonia, and the FGA in London.

A gemological education will teach you how to know what stones are what, and how to judge quality. It's a diving platform from which springboard into the mad world of prices and markets, etc, etc, etc.

I believe experience to be one of the most valuable assets of a good appraiser. The more stones one has looked at, the more knowledgeable one is.
A good appraiser is one who is plugged into the market, lives and breathes it.


Dec 28, 2002

Would it perhaps be more apt to say:

"An appraiser is a gemologist with a big set of stones."



Aug 15, 2000
A gemologist is just that. Gemologists are trained and educated to be able to identify colored stone, and to grade diamonds.

An appraiser ( doesn't necessarily have to be a gemologist ) is someone who is educated and credentialed AND TESTED in valuation science.

See for more on what appraisers are required to do.

Certainly it helps to have valuation as well as credentials in gemology.

But if an appraiser wants to value an item he isn't familiar with, he can certainly work with someone who does have the knowledge.

Experience is also a good thing.... but it does not replace education and knowing the legalities and ins and outs of valuation.

Experience is only useful if the experience results in correct work. Experience in DOING IT WRONG... is detrimental.

For insurance companies to only require a gemological education in accepting an valuation document is simply stupid.

Appraise the appraiser, not just for his gemological credentials, but for his valuation credentials, experience, lab equipment and overall knowledge in both gemology and valuation.

I see appraisal all the time that state that the appraiser is "CERTIFIED" but no mention of who certified them. Further even the appraisal trade groups that DO certify their members have no guidelines or standards, as to what makes an appraisal assignment certified.

Think about CPA's they have standards for both certified reports and those that aren't. Appraisers should also have these standards made specifically for each specialty of personal property. THEY DON'T.... and I couldn't convince one large group to do this when I was affiliated with them. That is why I am not a member any longer. I just can't author a professional and accurate report knowing its wrong based on their ethical and valuation standards.

Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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