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Brilliant Cut

Jun 5, 2003
Hello All...

While this is my first post, I have been reading all of your comments about diamonds and appeciate all of the advice. I started my search last month at local jewelers but now because of this forum I have decided to purchase a diamond on-line. My question is about finding a good appraiser for monetary (insurance) purposes. What tools should the appraiser be using to tell me the value of the stone? Is a loupe and microscope sufficient? All of the places that I called said they use the microscope and color stones and nothing more. Thanks again for all of the tips!!! Just for the heck of it, what does everyone think?...

GIA Cert. 1.04 Round Brilliant Color G Clarity VS1
Diameter 6.54 (6.51-6.5
3.98 deep
Total Depth 60.9%
Crown Angle 34.4
Crown Height 14.3%
Pavillion Angle 40.7
Pavillion Depth 42.9%
Culet .6%
Table Size 56.6% (55.9-57) Although the GIA cert says 58%
Girdle Thickness 1.4%

Polish Very Good
Symmetry Very Good

Magical Internet Price....$6179.00

Thanks Again.....



Oct 30, 2002
Depends on what you want to pay. We got a full appraisal report with our e-ring and it was around $125 per hour for around an hour of work on the stone itself. She used the GIA color set of real diamonds (not CZ's), her microscope, and an ideal scope. She didn't have a Sarin, though we already had the report.

You can use one of the appraisers who frequent the board with all their cool tools, and get the Sarin, a Bscope, IdealScope images, color confirmation, clarity conf, etc etc etc. It really all depends on what you want and what level you feel comfortable with.

Insurance co's really just require that someone have appraised your stone. It doesn't even have to be independent...though I would suggest an independent opinion. My insurance co (Chubb) just requested I fax over the one sheet with the diamond specs, ring picture and total $$ appraised and that was that. The big 20 page report and appraiser resume was just for us!

Your stone sounds beautiful and the price is great as well. Good luck!


Dec 9, 2002
My appraiser took close to an hour for my stone.... same evaluation as yours Mara.
However I did at least half of it myself.

Cost : 35$US...

Canada rocks!

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