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Jul 14, 2011
Hello All,

I am planning to buy a diamond online soon (not sure which one yet, will hopefully get IS images soon and then decide), hopefully from james allan. I thought I'd post this question and get a head start. After I get the diamond, if I like it, should I get it appraised before getting it set, or should I get it set and then get an appraisal for the whole thing? I am planning to get a tacori setting, so I have to send it off to get set. Should I insure the diamond before I send it off to be set? Is there an jewellery insurer you recommend? How long does it take to insure a diamond/ring?

Also, do any of you know of any good appraisers in St. Louis or nearby? If not, should I send it off somewhere to one of the appraisers on this website? I hesitate to do that, since it will take longer to get the ring that way, and we are impatient to get the ring as soon as possible.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Sep 9, 2008
Depends on what you want the appraisal to accomplish. If it is just an insurance/replacement value appraisal, that should be done after the entire ring is completed, the check if the stone matches the grading report, the ring workmanship is on par and the setting of the stone is well done. If instead you want to know the exact properties of the stone, color, clarity etc, then you should have it appraised loose, usually do this for ungraded, stones graded by 2nd tier labs or 2nd hand market stones.

Since the stone will probably come with an AGS/GIA grading report, I would just do the insurance/replacement value appraisal after the stone is set by Tacori.

Check with Tacori to see if they insured the loose stone against damage while setting, I would think so since they want to set all the rings they sell but no harm double check. If not, buy insurance. I believe Jeweler's Mutual does insurance for loose stone during setting. The process is quite fast, online, same day activation, just need invoice and grading report.

Do not know any St. Louis appraiser but check with those appraiser that post here frequently. They should be able to receive stones directly from JA and then shipped it to Tacori or from Tacori to them and then to you, with their overnight shipping account. Going to be much faster than you shipping to Tacori with registered USPS mail anyway.
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