Anyone for pancakes??

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May 24, 2002
I'm still sitting on this chipped stone trying to decide what to do with it. The insurance company is asking me to decide quickly what sort of claim I would like to go with.

a. purchase another stone the same
b. get the cash
c. get the written down value

I won't be able to get an idealscope delivered before I have to make the claim. Anyways 2.19 ct G vs2. 8.94-8.91x4.94mm. Thats all the specs I have on it. I have heard the term pancake and my jeweller refers to it as a spready stone. The girdle is very thin, hence the chip, and the crown isn't very thick. The stone was purchased early 1999. I don't understand why it shines so if the measurements are so off the norm. One of my girlfriends was given a Lazare stone. She always makes comment on my stone being more sparkly than hers.

This whole insurance saga is really dragging on. I'm deliberating because I'd really love an apple for a watermelon , not an apple for an apple. Yes, I probably could get a better stone with the same carat weight - sorry already I'm suffering shrinkage. Thats comments sounds so pompous. I have also become so practical in the last 3 years that I couldn't cope with the guilt of the $$$ it would cost to get a watermelon.

Someone hand me the maple syrup please..


Dec 31, 1999

described by Garry Holloway. The idealscope should show very little leakage.

Lazar Kaplan stones are cut for traditional ideal Tolkowsky proportions. Today we know there are many other combinations of crown and pavilion angles, which yeild great results.

Because your stone is spready (pancake) it looks larger for its weight i.e. has larger diameter than Tolkowsky stone of the same carat weight. Namely, 2.19 carat diamond with Tolkowsky proportions should have 8.47 mm diameter. Your stone is has almost 0.5mm larger diameter which is good thing I guess.

The questions are:
How much carat weight will you loose when recutting the stone?
How accurate are color and clarity grades?

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