...and now *the* setting!


Apr 18, 2016

So after much deliberation and waffling, I decided to keep the pinkish-peach cushion garnet from my previous post! Now that the decision is made, I am more than thrilled with my stone. I love it, it truly is the one. :)

Now... It's onto setting it! I have always envisioned a halo setting, but now I find myself really liking settings with a bit more going on, like a three stone halo design or something similar. In poking through threads around here, I found, loved (and promptly stole the idea of) these inspiration pieces. :love:

I have been talking with a jeweler and was provided a sketch yesterday that I am thinking about, but details of the design have me going back and forth. I'm not sure about proper etiquette, but feel weird posting the sketch I've received from the jeweler, but suffice to say it is a three stone halo setting with obvs a cushion center stone and round side stones, with melee continuing down the shank. But even the first and most basic question about the setting has me stumped. Rose gold vs. white gold. I've traditionally always preferred white gold over any other type of metal, but lately have loved rose gold especially with peachy/pink stones... They both create very different looks, but both ones that I enjoy, in different ways. I've been looking at settings and stones and colors of gold, and just about the only thing I am sure of is that I like a whole lot of different things. ACK! I think I have analysis paralysis. :confused:

Any thoughts or ideas would be extremely helpful and appreciated.

First I will attach photos of the stone as a reminder, and then the aforementioned inspiration pieces. (While I love these settings, what was most important to me about them, I believe, is that it opened up my eyes to the fact that I actually like a ring with a little more going on than just a straightforward and simple thin pave halo that I originally planned).

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hay joe

Dec 13, 2007
This may be nice for ideas and it has a little rose gold.



Apr 22, 2004
Have you placed the stone in rose gold to see the effect and whether you like it or not?
It isn't uncommon to have the stone set in rose gold, but the rest of the ring is in a white metal.
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