AGS vs GIA Cut

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Oct 24, 2002
There is a jeweler in the mall claiming they have diamonds that "have earned GIA's highest grading of 'excellent' for polish and symmetry" They even show a small section of a GIA report where the only thing you can read is the line for:
Polish . . . . Excellent
Symmetry . . . Excellent

and they circled that. I thought I read on here that GIA doesn't grade cut, but if so, how does GIA's polish/symmetry compare to AGS 000?


Nov 19, 2002
The GIA does "grade" polish and symmetry which is not considered the same thing as grading cut. Grading cut, for example, is saying something is "Ideal" based on the stones proportions such as Table %, Depth %, crown angle, and pavilion angle/% etc. Giving the remark of "Excellent" for symetry and polish shows that the stone is of very high quality with regard to GIA's definition of symmetry and polish, which compares with AGS' high grades for polish and symmetry as well.

If a mall store has shown part of the GIA report, then they have the whole thing. They are probably not showing it to you, because the stone is poorly cut and has bad proportions with regard to table % and depth %. Or, the stone may have very bad inclusions, very thin girdle...the list can go on and on. Ask them to see the full report, and if they say no, run. If you're just starting out and the mall was the first place you went, you are on your way to getting "taken." I'm not saying that you can't find a good stone for a good price in a mall, but the chances are much higher that you will find a badly cut stone for a very nice sum of money if you just randomly walk into a mall jewelry store and say, "Can you help me find a goood diamond ring?".

I would spend a bit of time reading the tutorials on pricescope and checking with various vendors' websites that are associated with pricescope before making a purchase. Take a week or two to just read and learn. Don't even purchase from the great vendors associated with this website without learning a lot more about what is important to you in a diamond. The only reason that I say don't purchase without studying up for a week is so that you will know exactly what and why you are getting something. There are definitely excellent people around here willing to give you great advice, but just take your time. If you call someone and they sell you on a particular style of diamond with certain sets of features, just wait to purchase until you've finished learning what you need to know and then call them back in a week or two. You won't be an expert, but you will be an informed buyer, which will make you very happy with your purchase and leave little room for doubt or buyer's remorse wondering "did I get a good deal?".

Enjoy the's quite fun, and any info you learn this time around will make it that much easier the next time you go to purchase a stone.

Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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