AGS 0 with 2.2 HCA - anything to worry about?


Sep 18, 2015

I found an AGS 0 Diamond at a good price. The only problem is the HCA is 2.2.

See attached Light image. Do you feel the stone has light leakage? i am seeing some green between the arrows, but is this leakage?

Should i be concerned at all? or should i be happy that I found an AGS 0 at a good price?

How do the specs look? Should the stone be eye clean?

Thank you all for any feedback. This forum is amazing.

1.3 - VS2 - I - AGS 0

Light Performance: 0
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Ideal
Table: 56.9%
Crown Angle: 35.3
Crown Height: 15.3%
Girdle: Faceted, 2.2% to 4.1%
Pavilion Angle: 40.8
Pavilion Depth: 43.1%
Star Length: 45%
Lower Girdle Length: 76%
Total Depth: 62.2%
Culet: Pointed




Nov 12, 2015
According to Todd Gray of "Most diamonds have crown angles between 30 and 35 degrees; if they are shallower than 30 degrees they will look flat and there may be a noticeable loss of fire even though the stone may appear to be quite brilliant. The crown angle measurement for an ideal cut diamond [AGS-0] must be between 33.7 and 35.8 degrees with our preference falling between 34.3 and 34.8 degrees. And yes, 34.5 degrees is right on the money but is difficult to find. But we’d like to mention that a steeper crown angle of 35.3 degrees is perfectly acceptable if the pavilion angle of the diamond is on the shallower side of 40.4 – 40.6 degrees." In addition, your table depth is a little high as well. I typically only look at diamonds with a Total Depth 60-61.5% anything above 61.8% is a no-no for me. On occasion I'll consider a total depth as low as 59%.

Your star percentage looks a little off as well.

The proportions of your diamond is lowering the light return performance, fire, sparkle etc.

The green does not represent leakage. Remember, maybe these proportions represent decreased light performance not necessarily leakage. Is there a gemologist at your purchase site than can actually lay eyes on the diamond and verify if it's Eyeclean and if it's physical attributes under normal lighting?

As far as Eyeclean, this is truly in the eye of the beholder, so to speak. You have a really good chance of finding an Eyeclean diamond with clarity of VS2. However, you'll increase your chances with a VS1. But to perfectly honest, I'd be happy with a VS2.


Nov 7, 2015
I have read that experts often recommend low-high or high-low or med-med combo for pavillion and table angles. That stone has a med-very high combo. Also, as the above poster mentioned, the table depth is a bit high.

Having said this, It is not easy to find a stone that is with the "orthodox ideal" proportion at a bargain price.

Check these ones out

Offered by GOG, I am sure these are beautiful stones despite minor deductions here and there. You can find out HCA for these two; one of them is above 2.0. The stone you picked has arguably better proportion than these two. AND it is triple ideal. It is a better stone, at least on paper.

The question is how much this stone is listed, and how much "RISK" you are willing to take at that price. If pricing is highly attractive, why not? All stores have good return policy


Feb 14, 2005
AGS 0 trumps the HCA.

The HCA is a rejection tool for GIA excellents because their cut category is too broad, and some not so nice stones end up in there. The light performance analysis has already been done on this one, and looks superb.

Nice choice!
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