Advice on purchasing an OEC


Dec 11, 2015
Hello everyone!
I'm in the process of building an engagement ring with my boyfriend and am currently looking for a diamond. I've looked at quite a few round brilliant diamonds at our jeweler, and thought I had settled on a 0.42 G VVS2 round brilliant. It measures at 4.79mm and as I have small fingers I prefer the finger coverage of the smaller size when I compared it with 0.50-1.00 carat diamonds.

However, I have always preferred the deeper profile and crown angle of an OEC. I have yet to talk to my jeweler to see if they have any in my preferred size range, but I have been looking online. I found one that looks good to me, but I just wanted to get some more knowledgeable opinions. Is this a decent diamond or is there anything that stands out that I should avoid?
I know the depth is slightly high, but it looks pretty to me. Is that a preference thing or would it cause issues with light return or anything? Also, the girdle says very thin to very thick. Would that be a structural issue when I have it set? I'm going to have it set in a 6 prong solitaire.

Here are the specs:
Carat: 0.52
Dimensions: 4.83 x 4.88 x 3.35
Clarity: VS1
Color: I
Depth: 68.9%
Table: 51%
Girdle: Very thin - Very thick
Polish: Good
Symmetry: Fair
Fluorescence: None
GIA notes it has crystal and cloud.

Here are pictures:

Thank you in advance.


Feb 22, 2016
You can't really compare an OEC to an MRB, and your concerns seem more geared towards MRBs. The light return, proportions, cut, etc are very different. The stone looks very pretty, a lot of OECs are deeper than modern standards, and the crowns will mostly be higher. I'm sure it will have plenty of light return, but it will be very different than an MRB. I love OECs.


Jan 11, 2006
That is a lovely stone! I think you'd have to ask Grace if it is just a tiny area that is very thin which might be safe to set in a solitaire, or whether some girdle rehab can be done to make it less thin. She'll be able to tell you or get it fixed for you!
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