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Sep 3, 2015
I posted before when I was looking at Gemscan stones and found I was more comfortable with GIA certs and a local dealer.

So in my quest for a better cut stone I found two that caught my eye. One is ofcourse outside of my budget and the other is within, but smaller than I had hoped.

They are both Canadian diamonds with certificates from CanadaMark and GIA:

Stone 1:
weight - 1.01ct
clarity - SI1
color - H
cut grade - Excellent (3EX)
dimensions - 6.36 x 6.40 X 3.99mm
depth % 62.6
table % 57.0
crown % 15.5 crown angle 35.5
pavilion % 43.0 pavilion angle 40.8
cutlet % 0.0mm
HCA - 2.7 (Very Good)
Approx $8600 CAD

Stone 2:
weight - 0.91ct
clarity - SI2
color - G
cut grade - Very Good
dimensions - 6.14 x 6.19 X 3.82mm
depth % 62.0
table % 55.0
crown % 16.5 crown angle 36.0
pavilion % 41.5 pavilion angle 39.8
cutlet % 0.0mm
HCA - 1.2 (Excellent)
Approx $6500 CAD

So one thing that stands out to me:

The GIA cut grade on the bigger stone is excellent and the cut grade on the smaller stone is very good. However, the HCA value is better for the smaller stone in comparison to the bigger stone. Are these not measuring similar attributes?


Jan 11, 2006
Use the HCA on GIA Excellent cut stones only. The first stone is too deep. Look for stones at 62.3 or less. That stone faces up a little small in diameter because of the depth. I would not consider either of these.

Stick with GIA XXX and these parameters to stay in ideal cut territory. I admire you for trying to buy local, but I never found the cut quality we see from vendors here when I shopped locally. I assume you are able to see the stones in person and examine with a loupe which is important with SI clarity stones.

table: 54-58

depth: 60-62.3

crown angle: 34-35.0

pavilion angle: 40.6-41.0
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