A date conflict....

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Oct 30, 2002
ally don''t worry your hard work WILL pay off in the end. there is something to be said for working hard. some people are just naturally genius...but others have to work at it. neither one is better or wrong. you have some so far!! and all of that wasn''t JUST hard work, you are an intelligent, savvy girl. maybe these people that you feel know it all can help teach you things. buddy up with one or two of them as study partners or something? you can use their knowledge to help you as well. look on the positive side...i know that you have all these negative things happening but it''s not the end of the world. you will make it and come out stronger on the other side.

on the family thing, honestly your family never ceases to amaze me. your sister has got your parents #....wear them down til they give in. i guess she got all the brass balls in the family?? she''s certainly putting them to use. in any case, you are doing what''s right for you by staying out of it, don''t get involved in the fray. if you want to talk to your family, i''d try to schedule a time or something where you guys can go out to dinner and you can talk to them with your fiance by your side and give them your side of the story and honestly i would not be afraid to say ''i hear you are thinking of giving into her wishes just to get things to go away'' and tell them how HURT and horrible it makes you feel to hear that your parents would even consider doing something like that!! i know that this may not be your culture but you need to speak up for yourself and tell them what they are doing kills you inside. it may really make a difference to speak up with your feelings. in any case, you need to try in my opinion. maybe not just right this second but i''d consider trying to speak to them and telling them this...who knows what your sister is telling them on her end (aka ally is not even talking to us, she doesn''t care about our family, etc etc). you need to tell them you are concentrating on your life and career/education and that you won''t get involved in this drama but that you love them, miss them and would hope they''d never consider what she is asking.

anyway, kind of a ramble but you get my point. hang in there girl!!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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