5ct round; Can I have my Art Deco setting modified to a half bezel?

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Can a half-bezel be added to the north and south?

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  1. KLansdon

    Aug 5, 2019
    by KLansdon » Aug 5, 2019
    3E3C4016-8B17-4CE9-AB83-4AA49763BE1E.jpeg I’ve been researching this for a while, can’t find much info on the process and I’m hoping for some insight.
    My great-grandfather was a master jeweler in San Antonio Texas that has a shop above a downtown bank. He originally started his business in the middle of the Great Depression, citing that the rich would always spend money. I actually have video of myself as a child going through an old cabinet where he’d tuck away some of his more fabulous acquisitions/great deals he didn’t want to part with. In the film, I had this stone(a 4.9ct solitaire) in a different setting on my finger, flipping my hand around and asking if I could have it. The setting was repurposed(for a politician, I believe) years later, but he kept the stone as part of his collection. When the estate was settled I called dibs. I had it set in the first basic 6 prong claw I could find to accommodate the size of the stone, but the height of the ring and length of the prongs made it nearly impossible to wear, and it simply didn’t do the stone justice.
    I set out to find a setting more like its original.
    I had a TERRIBLE time finding a semi-mount that was even remotely similar to the Art Deco setting I’d remembered. FINALLY, I found one that mirrored the original look of the ring, in that it had a “basket?” type head, and Marquise diamond on each side, however... the original setting had either a half-bezel or full-bezel top, making the round stone appear almost octagonal. The setting I found is another six prong.
    My question is this:
    Can this setting me modified to give that same appearance? I’d love to add a half bezel to the north and south edges of the stone, but haven’t found this type of conversion online, save one jeweler in Canada that swapped a pronged head for some kind of halo with bezel... to give a cushion appearance to a round stone. Any input is appreciated!


  2. Tekate

    May 11, 2013
    by Tekate » Aug 5, 2019
    I think this should be transferred to Rocky Talk to get more opinions. I think it can be done but would be a lot of work, money and probably a new setting would be cheaper, but don't trust me because I've made many setting blunders :) gorgeous stone with a wonderful history.. wear it happily!
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  3. VRBeauty

    Apr 2, 2006

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