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2 diamond evaluation i have images


Dec 17, 2008
The .84 images do look nice...eye-clean? The stone has nice numbers 34.5/40.8 angle combo.
Looks like it has twinning wisp. Hopefully not an issue. 1 or 2 like I can see arent a problem but a lot of twinning wisp can make
the stone cloudy. The report does not say anything about additional twinning wisp though. This stone would be my choice between
the two... good images, nice numbers, bigger size. Ask about the twinning wisp though.

The image on the .74 looks good also...looks like the grade setting inclusion is a cloud with additional clouds not shown...that can
be another warning that the stone may be'd have to ask or maybe have it brought in to be checked.

Edit...just realized the last stone is an AGS000 so I'm thinking it probably is not cloudy. Still prefer the first stone due to size as long
as not cloudy.
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