2 carat for only 6K! No certificate

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Sep 8, 2001
My sister-in-law (SIL) bought a 3 carat diamond with no certificate, J color/VVS clarity for $20K. I had a chance to look at her diamond at Thanksgiving, and it shines well, mounted in yellow gold prongs, I did not see any tint of color. It could be because the light was not day light but kitchen light.

Her mother-in-law (MIL) seems to be able to look at diamonds very well, and said it looks like a good cut bc shiny and sparkly. She showed me a 2 carat diamond ring with baguettes on the side for only $6K, no certificate. She said she buys jewelry to enjoy, not investment, and doesn't need the additional cost of a certificate since she can tell with her eyes how good the cut and color is. SHe showed me .90+ total weight diamond earrings mounted in bezel set yellow gold for $500. I asked her what color and clarity, she doesn't know. Humm, how can someone sells diamond jewelry without knowing color and clarity, so long as she can tell it's a good color and cut with naked eyes?

It would be nice if I can tell with naked eyes in buying 1c-3c diamond without certificate, and a loop, then I'd be saving lots of money.

What do the experts think?

Is the public being too paranoid about buying with certificate?

Imagine spending only 6K for 2c instead of 15K. To normal population, nobody can probably tell just that it is a big rock, and it shines??? This ring has a feather if you look with a loop, according to my sister-in-law's MIL. I didn't take a look at it with a loop, nor scrutinize the ring closely. I am curious to see if I can spot inclusion with naked eye because $6K for 2c is just too good to be true.


Dec 31, 1999
In order to know what your buying I believe you need some type of grading report. Now if you choose not to get caught up in qualities that is fine. But at least be able to compare what you looking at.

As a jeweler I have access to hundreds (may thousands, I never counted) of 2 carat diamonds that can be sold for 6k and less. So does every jeweler, but not every jeweler is able or willing to tell the truth about what you're buying. Some don't know themselves.

At least look at stones with some kind of report and then you can shop and compare those reports and prices. This just helps keep everyone honest.


Feb 24, 2002
I might be willing to buy a diamond without a cert, but I'd never buy one, especially an expensive one, without professional help. I'm pretty sure I can recognize a genuine diamond, but I'm not willing to bet thousands of dollars on it.

It's possible, I suppose, for some foolish person to part with a geniune diamond for pennies on the dollar. Yet, if it's too good to be true, it's probably fake.
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