10 all time most dangerous toys

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Feb 18, 2006
LOL...Lawn darts!!! I was just talking to DH the other day about them.

Darn tootin'' Diver! I firmly believe in protecting children. Have you seen the email that goes around about how different things are now compared to when we were kids? No car seats, etc. The email reads like it is such a bad thing that there is now a car seat available and on and on it goes. It seriously fries me. No it''s not the good old days, thank goodness! Fewer children are dying in car accidents now! I''m considered overprotective, though, so maybe I''m just a freak. I had a friend tell me that I was too overprotective because I wouldn''t toss my baby up. Babies love that she tried to tell me...Ever heard of shaken baby syndrome MORON! Ugh!!!! I could go on and on and on! I think the bottom line is that people need to make a personal choice about how they feel regarding babyproofing and protection. I feel like even though I do all that I can accidents are still going to happen. I just have the peace of mind knowing that I did all that I could. Many will say that babyproofing is lazy parenting...I say it is intelligent parenting!


Sep 19, 2004
Here is where we differer:

Lets take that Atomic Energy Lab... Do you have smoke detectors in your house... the ones that detect via ionization. Almost certainly. In fact - you probably have several (I have 3 of them).

You are getting more radiation from those smoke detectors than what was in that Atomic Energy Lab.

You may also be drinking more radiation in your drinking water - every day - than what you would get from that lab kit.

Fly one way half way across the US (or across Europe) just once - and you will have gotten more radiaton that I got working full time + lots of overtime all year at my local nuke plant.

Ever get an X-Ray. Huge dose (there is a reason the technologist hide behind a lead shield).

There are many standards on what is acceptable radiation dose; and it is all arround us - and many good uses of radiaiton and a lot of natural radiation. No one notices. - but sell a "Atomic Energy Lab" and people consider it dangerous - must be banned.

I agree that the flying spinning doll is a dangerous toy - it can cause unexpected injury at any time to anyone.

I disagree that Lawn darts are a dangerous toy. They are however a toy that should only be used by children of a certain maturity who understand what kind of induries could occur if you tossed one in the direction of another person and they got hit with it (I am assuming that you teach your children that it is morally wrong to injure or hurt people except in self defense and other exceptional situations). I played with Lawn Darts as a teenager and never once got them anywhere near a person - had lots of fun too. So this becomes a toy that I would not introduce until a certain level - and only then under supervision at first. Properely used - it is safe and fun. And this is where good parenting needs to be. Many toys should only be introduced at certain levels (and in some cases never at all if the kid is not going to be responsible).

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