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1/2ct 2.4mm channel eternity with normal edges or 5/8ct 2.4mm channel eternity with lower profile ed

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Aug 18, 2008

I have kind of a nit-picky question (nit-picky because it''s so detail oriented, but not so nit-picky because I''ll be wearing this ring for the rest of my life).

I need to chose my channel set round etermity band without seeing it in person. I do not worry about the quality - the designer is Sasha Primak and I am able to chose the quality of the diamonds to match my e-ring. My question is this:

I have the choice between going with their standard 2.4mm 1/2ct channel round eternity (pic attached of this) OR having them make one that is still 2.4mm (the width I like) but with lower profile (thinner) platinum edges than their standard one and 5/8ct weight in diamonds. I am trying to visualize this difference and trying to understand, without seeing this in person, which might look better with my e-ring (you can see my e-ring with a 2.0mm channel set in this thread (it''s thinner than the 2.4mm I am considering, but close enough to give you an idea) in this thread:

Also, would going with lower profile/thinner platinum edges with slight more ct weight leave my ring more vulnerable to damaging or diamonds falling out?

Here is the pic of the 2.4mm .5 ct standard channel eternity from Sasha Primak. Can you visualize whether this or the 2.4mm, thinner edged, 5/8ct channel set would be prettier (and still be strong enough to be durable)?



Dec 17, 2008
I think the 2.4 mm would look better than the one you have in your picture because it will match the size of your
wedding band a little better (not that that really matters). And I always think more diamond and less metal is
a better look but I''m sure there are exceptions to this rule. I truely dont know about the safety of the diamonds
in a thinner channel. I sure do think it would be pretty though.
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