Women in Jewelry: Neha Dani


This March we’re celebrating women from around the globe and what better way to honor women than to commemorate women in jewelry. Next week will be our finale, where we’ll be sharing the last of the four most world-renowned and inspiring female jewelry designers who have made history. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at Neha Dani, and how she has made history in the industry.




Neha Dani
Portrait of jewelry designer, Neha Dani. (Image Source: The Jewellery Editor).


Indian high-end jeweler Neha Dani is based in New York City, New York. She creates one-of-a-kind pieces with intricate details and exquisite gemstones, each one making a statement and telling a story of its own.

Neha Dani’s jewels are inspired by nature, from majestic glaciers to cresting waves. Neha Dani truly captures organic forms with a surreal touch. She often aims for a richly ornate with a futuristic look, Neha Dani’s jewels are often painted with vibrant color rhodium finishes.

Neha Dani has designed over 60 pieces of fine jewelry since launching her brand in 2014, each with a unique story to tell and a powerful emotional message.

Neha Dani has already received the Rising Stars Award at the JCK show in Las Vegas in 2014, and her work has been featured in Juliet Weir-de la Rochefoucauld’s book ‘Women Jewellery Designers.’ Her Amarante handcuff (below) and Brassica earrings (below) were recently featured in Sotheby’s ‘In Bloom’ sale exhibition in New York, where she received the FGI’s 2019 Rising Star Award.




Neha Dani Amarente Cuff
The Amarante Cuff (18 natural fancy vivid pink diamonds, 12,178 natural pink diamonds with a total diamond weight of 72.83 carats) designed by Neha Dani. (Image Source: The Jewellery Editor).


Brassica Blossoming Flower Convertible Earrings.
Brassica Blossoming Flower Convertible Earrings (1.39 carat 2 Old mine cut diamonds | 1.07 carat Diamonds | 924 Pink full-cut diamonds – 9.672 carats | 468 Round full cut white diamonds – 5.481 carats) designed by Neha Dani. (Image Source: Neha Dani).
Neha Dani Myra ring diamonds and tsavorites.
Myra ring diamonds and tsavorites (set with 180 diamonds and 199 tsavorites Green rhodium plate over the gold) designed by Neha Dani. (Image Source: The Jewellery Editor).


Vaneesha, Queen of the Universe Multicolor Gem Necklace
Vaneesha, Queen of the Universe Multicolor Gem Necklace (1 Water Opal – 18.35 carats  | 1 Paraiba Triangular Cabochon – 1.94 carats | 3 Special Step Cut Diamonds – 1.58 carats | 162 Round Full Cut Diamonds – 3.58 carats | 114 Round Rose Cut Diamonds –  3.28 carats | 311 Blue Sapphires – 11.83 carats | 208 Purple Sapphires – 6.26 carats | 155 Tsavorite Garnets – 5.23 carats | 154 Paraiba Rounds – 4.00 carats) designed by Neha Dani. (Image Source: Neha Dani).


To view more of Neha Dani’s work – Follow her on Instagram or visit www.nehadani.com


Whether you’re an up-and-coming jewelry designer, jewelry enthusiast, or just a girl with big dreams, we hope that you have left reading this article feeling mindblown – we certainly have.

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” – Oscar Wilde

We’ve spent the past few weeks reflecting on the talent within the jewelry industry. Is this something you would like to see more of? Let us know by clicking the comments button below. We would love to know what you think.

Written by Bianca Mac Donald 

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