Whiteflash Wins the Better Business Bureau 2021 Pinnacle Award

We are proud to announce that our long-term vendor, Whiteflash has won the prestigious BBB (Better Business Bureau) 2021 Pinnacle Award. For the second year in a row, and for an unprecedented 5 out of the last 10 years, Whiteflash Ideal Diamonds and Fine Jewelry has been named the winner of the BBB Pinnacle Award. The BBB Pinnacle Award honors excellence in quality control, customer care, and social responsibility.

Whiteflash BBB Pinnacle Awards.

This year Whiteflash was recognized as “Best in Class” and a market leader among the many well-established fine jewelers in the Greater Houston Area.

Whiteflash was one of the first jewelry brands to emerge from the information era, having debuted in the year 2000. Whiteflash provides two more categories of precision-cut AGS Ideal and GIA Excellent diamonds, both of which are in-house and available exclusively at Whiteflash, in addition to their world-class A CUT ABOVE® brand of super ideal diamonds. All of this information is available on their cutting-edge responsive website, which also includes diagnostics and enhanced light performance imaging.

The BBB Pinnacle award for 2021 reaffirms the company’s fundamental value-driven concept and commitment to best practices. Whiteflash is a member of The American Gem Society, which is committed to consumer education and protection. They’re also one of the few retail jewelers in the world with an ISO9001 quality management certification.

On behalf of the PriceScope team, congratulations to Whiteflash’s CEO, Debi Wexler, and the Whiteflash team on attaining the prestigious Better Business Bureau 2021 Pinnacle Award.

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