VC for an Eternity

VC for an Eternity

VC for an Eternity (JOTW for a piece originally posted by omd21) on the Show Me the Bling Forum at

Omd21 shared this gorgeous Engagement Ring on the Show Me The Bling Community at I love to show off those big sparkling rocks that steal the light, but we also love, love, love, an eternity ring that is classy, beautiful, and still radiant.

Taking the daily wear to a 10

Taking the daily wear to a 10

Here at PriceScope, we all know and love Victor Canera‘s work, and we all know that the caliber of workmanship is phenomenal. These beautiful 4 prong settings look lacy and delicate, while securing the diamonds so that they are stable enough for regular wear. This ting is about 1.35 tcw, and as ever the VC Eternity Band is a thing of beauty while also being comfortable to wear. Omd21, we hope that your birthday is very happy and you wear this for many years in health and joy!

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By Kayti Kawachi

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