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Basic Engagement Ring Anatomy

An engagement ring is essentially composed of two parts, a head and a shank. The center stone is held in place by prongs or a bezel.

Diamond Engagment Ring Anatomy
1.55ct Round Brilliant Solitaire Engagement Ring
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Engagement Rings – Basic Vocabulary



A piece of metal that completely encircles a diamond or colored gem securing it in place.


The undercarriage of the head of a ring, which can be functional or decorative.


The most prominent part of the ring’s mounting, which holds the center stone.

A ring can either have an integrated or a peg head. An integrated head is composed of a head and shank that are constructed from a single piece of metal. A peg head is soldered to the shank, so it is constructed from two separate pieces of metal.

Peg Head Engagement Ring
.73ct Round Briliant Engagement Ring with Baguettes
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Integrated Head Engagement Ring
1.4ct Ideal Cut in D’Vatché X-Prong Ring
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The small pieces of metal that cup the center stone, securing it in place.

Ring Mounting

The entire ring—without a center stone or side stones.

Semi Mount

A ring with accent stones already in place, but without a center stone.


The band that encircles the finger.


The act of securing diamonds and gemstones into an engagement ring or other jewelry item.

Setting Style

The specific way that stones are secured, i.e., prongs-set or bezel-set.

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