When Asscher Fantasies Become Antique Cushion Dreams Come True

Antique Cushion Engagement Ring

Antique Cushion Engagement Ring

Txasscher shared her gorgeous engagement ring with us on the Show Me The Bling Community at PriceScope.com. Txasscher, as the username might imply, is an asscher fan. When she came to PriceScope to check out jewelry and learn more, she also discovered that she had fallen in love with the Antique Cushion Cut! I think that flipping through the fabulous pics that PS’ers share has caused many to fall in love with varying types of cuts! Txasscher, armed with new wisdom went to a local jeweler that he family often uses, and is a very satisfied customer.

Some Dreams are Answered in Ways We Don't Expect

Some Dreams are Answered in Ways We Don’t Expect

Engagement Rings are such a marvelous bit of symbolism, it’s lovely to look and know that a major life milesone has occured and been marked for that person. When someone says that they are engaged I am always excited for them first, and then I want to see the ring that marks this part of their life story! Txasscher, discovering that your dream ring is not what you planned for it to be, but is stunning and fits your story is divine! I hope you have worn this ring in health and happiness through the years since originally posting!

The Handshot

The Handshot

The Cushion Engagement Ring Stats:

H Color
6.25 ring size

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By Kayti Kawachi

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