Add bling to bling? Yes, please! Halo reset by Eternity Diamonds

LLJcupcake*muffin halo at Eternity Diamonds

Cupcake*muffin’s Halo

Well, cupcake*muffin certainly made a great choice on this beautiful addition to an already fab Round Brilliant! I love the way that a halo can make the center stone look bigger and even more decadent!

LLJcupcake*muffin Original Setting

cupcake*muffin Original Setting

Cupcake*muffin had a fantastic experience working with Yoni at Eternity Diamonds. Altering a beloved piece can be an emotional process, it’s always awesome to see it go so wonderfully!

LLJcupcake*muffin halo side view

LLJcupcake*muffin halo side view

Stats on the center stone: 1.66, set in Palladium Halo, size 4.75, halo diamonds are around .2, and total carat weight on the setting is 0.50. What a delicious upgrade, congratulations cupcake*muffin!

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By Kayti Kawachi

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