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Acaw2015 posted this fabulous five stone ring on the Show Me the Bling forum at PriceScope. We see gorgeous five stone rings all the time, but the look of this one sets it apart. This ring came to Acaw2015 pre-loved, but it has a lot of love left to give! This is sparkle rich and marvelous, what a buy!



look at that incredible detailing
look at that incredible detailing




The detail on this beauty really are lovely. I like to imagine the past of antique pieces, who made it, who has worn it and for what events. I wonder what stories this five stone holds, and how many more it’s yet to carry. I hope that it is in it’s most wonderful chapter of all and that it brings Acaw2015 heaps of joy. Gorgeous addition, congratulations!

The Stats: (Per Acaw2015)

“It has five round old cut diamonds, ca 1.15 tcw, approx H-J, VS. The diamonds all have small culets. In between the prongs there are also 8 tiny diamonds, stated to be rose cuts. I doubt that, they look more like fragments/small irregular pieces, but I cant really tell, they are far too small to see what they are even with my 30 X loupe!”



likely created in the 1930s
likely created in the 1930s



Go see the post with more pics!

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By Kayti Kawachi

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