Studs set to Stun

Mandyd posted these unbelievable diamond studs to the Show Me the Bling forum at and really brought the WOW power! I love diamond studs, I feel like they can be worn on the red carpet, or to dress up a daily wear look. Studs are classical beautiful while being wildly versatile which makes them a staple for most jewelry collections. This particular pair of diamond studs is taking it up a few (ok…many) notches, and really amping the glam already found in diamond studs.


Just look at the ear lobe coverage, that is a seriously decadent set of diamond studs and I am just in love with them! I always hope that you will appreciate the jewels that I pick to feature as much as I do, but sometimes I absolutely know that you will, and this is one of those times! You could add jackets and make these drops, you could add a halo, you could leave them exactly as they are and have a really stunning pair of earrings that would be hard to stop looking at. Glorious, mandyd, I hope you still love these! These are another fantastic win created on the bench at Good Old Gold

The Stats:
GOG 6.07 studs (3.03 + 3.04)
Color: I



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By Kayti Kawachi



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