Seriously HOT Diamond Studs

Summerlove6 originally posted these stunning diamond studs in the Show Me the Bling Forum at PriceScope. Studs are so classically beautiful and practical at the same time. They are a staple in the jewelry boxes of many a PriceScoper, though this pair is particularly lovely!

The envy of all ears
The envy of all ears



It can be said that diamond studs are the “little black dress of earrings.” It’s a practical investment, you can wear them as is or completely change the look with jackets! When a beautiful matched set of diamonds popped up on August Vintage Inc., Summerlove6 took the leap and bought them! Following up by having Jonathan set them, these finished pieces are set to WOW!



How gorgeous are those details?
How gorgeous are those details?


Thank you for sharing these phenomenal earrings, may you wear them in health, wealth, and happiness for many years to come! They are fabulous!

Visit the original post, and join me in congratulating Summerlove6



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By Kayti Kawachi

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