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Tonks originally posted this incredible Rolex Submariner in the Show Me the Bling Forum at PriceScope. Super utilitarian, gorgeous features, luxury label, spectacular quality what more can you ask? This may be less blingy than my typical choices, but a luxury watch is a fabulous addition to any jewelry box!


gorgeous craftsmanship
gorgeous craftsmanship

From Rolex: “The Submariner’s unidirectional rotatable bezel is key to the functionality of the watch. Its engraved 60-minute graduation allows a diver to monitor diving time and decompression stops accurately and therefore safely.

Manufactured by Rolex from a hard, corrosion-resistant ceramic, the Cerachrom bezel insert is virtually scratchproof and its colour is unaffected by ultraviolet rays, seawater or water that is chlorinated.”

Congratulations on your martial arts achievements, but also huge kudos on conquering depression! That is absolutely celebration worthy and a timepiece to mark the occasion seems marvelously appropriate.


looking good!
looking good!


Thank you for sharing this fab watch and we hope that you get many happy years of wear out of it! Your husband can rest a little easier knowing that you are now, at least a little, less likely to steal his Submariner! ?


Visit the original post, and join me in congratulating Tonks!



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