Searching for rainbows and perfection in an imperfect world.

To Vent or not to Vent and Venting Etiquette

Let’s face it…we live in a fast paced world. We want it all. We want it right now. And we want it done right. That’s not asking too much….or is it???

Our days begin and end at different times and within different time zones. Yes, Pricescope is indeed a global community and that’s what makes it a beautiful place on the internet. I cannot imagine life without the internet but there are days when I wish we had no cell phones, Blackberrys, voicemail, or 24/7 EVERYTHING!! We all crave a brief moment away from our hectic and fast paced lives.

I witnessed an amazing rainbow for the first time in many years last week while driving home. I’m sure that there were many rainbows over the past several years, but I was too busy to notice. I couldn’t believe the simple beauty, the pastel colors, and the amazing sight of this rainbow. I noticed several cars pulled to the side of the interstate. People were gazing at the beauty, reflecting and feeling an inner peace. Suddenly, ten minutes later, the rainbow disappeared and the traffic once again took control and the stressful ride home continued. But, the few minutes of quiet reflection had a positive impact on my drive home and I was stress free!

My point is this: Do we constantly have to spend our time rushing around or do we allow ourselves a few moments of quiet reflection each day? Do we take a few moments to “compliment or say a kind word to someone each day?” Do we stop to look at a rainbow or do we text message a meaningless note while we are stuck in traffic? Do we expect perfection from our family, friends and everyone in the Pricescope community?

Okay…you’re right. The diamond vendors, appraisers, jewelers, and designers are all professionals so everyone should be “perfect” and get it right the first time “everytime.”

But, because we are just like you with families, elderly parents, sick children and not enough hours in the day….we sometimes can’t be “perfect” everytime.

So here are some tips on how to be a tolerant and understanding consumer:

*Be aware of posted business hours and time zones as well as observed religious holidays. No one works 24/7 although sometimes it feels like we do because we care so much!

*Understand that e-mail, websites, fax and copy machines aren’t perfect and once in a while they need maintenance or break down…just like we do! Be tolerant.

*Please call your vendor, appraiser, designer or anyone that you have a complaint against BEFORE posting negative comments. The human voice can communicate much better than the written word which is often taken out of context. Try to resolve your problem in a private and confidential manner.

*If you need to vent on a public forum….take a deep breath…..count to ten…and think about how you would like it if someone posted negative comments about YOU before discussing a problem privately. The effects are long term and search engines and archives are not very forgiving.

*Please don’t vent on a weekend and expect a reply to your complaint on an open forum. Most of the Pricescope professional community members are closed on Sundays. Some are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. But with so many e-mails to respond to 24/7, most

of the professional community is working at home responding to your questions and problems at all hours of the day and night. Probably, because we all care so much and we have high expectations that we should “get it right” 100% of the time.

*Don’t post a complaint on a weekend and then ask others to take sides if the person or company isn’t able to respond until Monday. We sometimes take a weekend off to be with our loved ones…just like you!

*And finally. Members of the Pricescope community…vendors, retailers, jewelers, appraisers and designers…diamond cutters, too!..are not made from cookie cutters. We are all different and unique in our own way. Our products, services, policies, merchandise, and employees are all wonderfully unique. Just like you! That’s why you

have choices and the freedom to choose the company and individuals that will fulfill your hopes, dreams and desires the best!

by Jeff Averbook, GG
Metro Jewelry Appraisers
Holloway Diamonds
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