Jeff Averbook

Jeff Averbook is a 30 year jewelry industry professional and the owner
of Metro Jewelry Appraisers in Medford, Massachusetts, a large
community five miles north of Boston near Harvard, Tufts, and MIT.Jeff
was the General Manager of two family owned retail jewelry stores in
the Greater Boston area in the ”˜80”™s.Later, he was an estate jewelry
buyer, diamond sorter and grader, and a quality control manager for a
wholesale diamond company in Boston.Then, an award winning District
Manager for Sterling, Inc. in the early 90”™s.After working as a full
time appraiser for an AGS seven store jewelry chain in New England for
three years”¦Jeff decided to start his own professional appraisal
company, “Metro Jewelry Appraisers.” Metro serves the needs of
consumers, estate planners, trust officers, insurance companies and
state and federal agencies.Jeff is a specialist in all time periods of
jewelry from antique to contemporary.He is a Continuing Education
Faculty Member at The Rhode Island School of Design and is an active
member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. He recently
attended the very first “World of Gemstones Conference” in Chicago in
September 2008.

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