Anne Sportun at Couture 2011

By Erika W.

Highlights from the Couture 2011 Jewelry Show

Anne Sportun graced Couture 2011 with her contemporary jewelry collections. Rough hewn gems, rose cut diamonds, and textural metals brought fresh perspective to classic designs. Soft organic shapes and subtle textures evoked everyday glamour in unplated white gold, platinum, and 18k yellow gold. Sportun is known for her smooth satin finish juxtaposed with hammering and organic hollows, which bounce light. Rose cut diamond and sapphire rings were fit for stacking while organic shaped pendants inspired new ways to layer. Enjoy Anne Sportun from Couture 2011.

Anne Sportun

Anne Sportun Couture 2011

Diamond rings in 18k yellow gold

Anne Sportun The Lotus Ring Couture 2011

The Lotus Ring with rose cut diamond center and old mine cut diamonds set in platinum

Anne Sportun multi colored sapphire rose cut rings Couture 2011

Multi colored rose cut sapphire rings with surrounding diamonds

Anne Sportun Diamond necklaces Couture 2011

Diamond pendants in 18k yellow gold and unplated white gold

Anne Sportun diamond rings Couture 2011

Rose cut diamond rings

Anne Sportun Black Diamond rings Couture 2011

Rose cut black diamond rings

Anne Sportun gold diamond pendants Couture 2011

18k gold pendants with diamonds

Anne Sportun sapphire diamond ring Couture 2011

Sapphire and diamond ring

Special thanks to the Anne Sportun.

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