Bohemian Romance at Kamofie Designs

By Erika W.

Highlights from Couture 2011

Sofia Kaman, designer and creator of Kamofie fine jewelry, presented her unique blend of bohemian romance at the Couture 2011 jewelry show. The collections showcased a fusion of historical design elements and contemporary style. Rings, earrings and necklaces featured textured metals with intricate patterns of pave set diamonds. Kaman’s new Regency collection stirred whimsy in the form of gold scrolls with rose cut diamond drops. The Regency collection will be available online July 15. Enjoy Kamofie from Couture 2011.


Kamofie diamond pendant Couture 2011

Textured mix metal diamond necklace

Kamofie diamond pendant Regency Collection Couture 2011

Kamofie diamond ring and pendant Regency Collection Couture 2011

Kamofie diamond necklaces Regency Collection Couture 2011

The three images above feature jewelry from Kamofie’s new Regency Collection, which launched at Couture 2011.

Kamofie Stacking rings Couture 2011

Stacking rings in hammered gold with pave and rose cut diamonds

Kamofie diamond pendants Couture 2011

Textured gold diamond discs and Constellation pendant with diamonds

Kamofie diamond ring Couture 2011

Dome ring with pave diamonds

Kamofie diamond necklace Couture 2011

Hammered gold diamond necklace with diamond pendant

Kamofie diamond stacking rings Couture 2011

Rose cut and pave diamond stacking rings in hammered gold

Kamofie diamond stacking rings Couture 2011

Mixed metal pave diamond necklace

Special thanks to Sofia Kaman and the Kamofie team.

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