Oprah’s Pink Diamond Giveaway

By Erika W.

Oprah gives 6000 audience members a pink diamond necklace

Lucky audience members at Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure received a limited edition Australian Colors “O” necklace featuring an Argyle pink diamond! Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine yields the most fancy colored diamonds in the world, including brown, green, red and pink diamonds.

Limited Edition O necklace with Argyle Pink Diamonds

The signature “O” necklace features seven Argyle diamonds, including one pink diamond.

Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure

Oprah greets her crowd of 6000. Each member received a pink diamond necklace.

Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure

Oprah celebrates with famous Aussies, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Hugh Jackman, Olivia Newton-John, and Russell Crowe.

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