Legendary Houses of Jewelry

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Our lives have been turned upside down and that makes us crave stability. As a result, many of us are becoming more thoughtful about our purchases opting to try and purchase for the long term instead of buying items for instant gratification. The same goes for jewelry and accessories with consumers leaning towards the “stable” timeless purchases such as pearls, diamond studs, classic watches, and foregoing trendier styles. The classic look tends to strike a perfect balance between nostalgia and timeless style.

The same can be said about jewelry houses. There are some houses that are just worth their weight in gold and provide buyers with the confidence they need to pay their asking price. The diamond and jewelry industry is not an easy game. These houses have weathered all types of conditions to be standing all of these decades (and centuries) later. So let’s take a closer look at these household designers:


Cartier. The name is wistful. Cartier continues to evolve as the years go by. Constantly keeping with the times. Many of Cartier’s most vocal fans are under 30 and have professed a significant amount of love for their Love bracelet. Little do they know that the bracelet is fairly new when one looks at Cartier’s time span. But, the house that started in 1847 is best tied, not to the love bracelet, but to the Panther. Cartier is known for its love of panthers and has incorporated the animal into many of the brand’s signature pieces. Their love of panthers goes back all the way to a 1914 Cartier ad and the house has been devoted to panthers ever since. You can’t think of Cartier without thinking of panthers, so if you have the opportunity to own any signature Cartier panther piece, then you are very lucky indeed.


Image Source: Diego Albero Román / License

We leave Cartier to head south to Italy, home of Bvlgari. Founded in 1884 in Rome, Bvlgari’s jewelry is very sexy and made for those who love and live la dolce vita. The company incorporates big, beautiful stones in their Haute Joaillerie collections, but the pieces which have captured many peoples’ eyes are the namesake Bvlgari pieces. Items in this collection are etched with the company’s name and trend towards sleek, yet sophisticated. They’ve also added some modern and whimsical touches (owing to that la dolce vita lifestyle) in the form of charms for a charm bracelet. We spied a popsicle when we were checking out the site earlier. Fortunately, the Bvlgari collection is one for the ages and is one of the house’s most recognizable collections.


Get your passports ready because we’re heading to the Golden State and Hills of Hollywood. There is rarely a name more synonymous on the red carpet than Harry Winston. He has dressed innumerable celebrities and Royals and even had Elizabeth Taylor’s stamp of approval. However, Harry Winston’s watches have become somewhat of a cult favorite among Winston’s fans. Our recommendation, get a piece that showcases some of Harry Winston’s beautiful diamonds.

These legendary jewelry houses have exhibited a sense of longevity for obvious reasons, they know their consumers, they stay true to their essence and their craftsmanship is impeccable.

Do you have Jewelry from any of the above iconic designers? Show them off or share your experience with us in the Comments section below.

Written By PS Staff 

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