June’s Birthstone Trinity

Vintage-Inspired Freshwater Cultured Pearl Diamond Halo Pendant in 14k White Gold at Blue Nile

June is here and we wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t believe it, we can’t either! It would be an understatement if we said it has been a whirlwind, but there’s hope. We still have six more months left in the year which is plenty of time for everything to turn around for the better. If you don’t believe us, look no further than June’s birthstones. There are three of them all with their own special properties. Combined, they create  one amazing birthstone trinity.




Multi-strand south sea pearl pendant set in 18K white gold at Blue Nile



Purity and loyalty is the name of the game with pearls, but they also have a deeper, more timely meaning as well. Pearls are said to represent wisdom gained through experience and that is definitely what we need and will have once these stressful times are over. The good news is that pearls are very trendy right now which has pushed jewelry designers to divert from traditional pearl designs to edgier looks. Now is definitely the right time to find your favorite set of pearls and wear them for wisdom, loyalty and to remain pure of mind.



Tacori moon rose halo drop earrings set in 18K rose gold with silver accent at Whiteflash,



Moonstone is June’s second birthstone and is believed to be linked to the moon, hence the name. Ancient Romans believed moonlight played a part in its formation and went on to revere the stone. It was also said to be a prized stone in India. This could be because the stone is believed to bring luck and who doesn’t want to have a little bit of luck with them in this day and age. But moonstone doesn’t just bring the wearer luck, it brings them so much more. It allegedly helps relieve cancer, anxiety, epilepsy and fever.


Although moonstone has many benefits, it is not without a fault. It is on the softer side of the Mohs scale, therefore it is best to purchase pieces that have more protective settings or have a lower chance of coming in contact with hard surfaces. Wearers must also express extreme caution when cleaning their moonstone jewelry as they can damage the stone. It is best to avoid harsh cleansers and instead clean your moonstone jewelry with a smooth cloth.



Alexandrite and diamond right hand ring set in 14K yellow gold at Whiteflash


The newest entry to June’s birthstone is alexandrite. It is a rare stone and does not carry a storied history like the pearl or moonstone gemstones, but it deserves its place here nonetheless. They were discovered in Russia and initially believed to be emeralds. It was only when the miners realized they shone red in a campfire’s light, yet appeared green again in the morning did they understand that this was not an emerald, but a new gemstone. As you can imagine, it was named after the czar and czarina of Russia. The stone also gained favor among Russian patriots and the aristocracy because the colors mirrored imperial Russia’s military colors. Sadly, the stone’s widespread popularity drove them into extinction during the 19th century, but fortunately alexandrite was discovered in Sri Lanka and Brazil, thus providing enough alexandrite for decades and more to come. This stone is for you if you’re big on luck, fortune and love. We need more of all three right now and alexandrite is said to bring luck, fortune and love to the wearer.


June has three birthstones but all are related by a common thread. They all bring hope, love, and positive vibes into the universe. I don’t know about you, but we could all use a bit of that at this moment. Which is your favorite? Come let us know on the forum at PriceScope!

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By PS Staff

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